What Are The Parts Of A Guitar?

What Are The Parts Of A Guitar?

When you’re learning to play guitar, it can be hard to remember all the parts of a guitar. I remember when I first started, I asked what are the parts of a guitar quite a lot!

This article will help you learn the names of all the different parts of a guitar. You are about to learn the basics of how a guitar works. This is just the beginning, but you will have a better understanding of your instrument and be able to communicate more effectively with those who can help you improve.


guitar neck

A guitar neck is the part of a guitar that connects the body to the headstock and holds all of the strings. The type of wood used for it will affect how well your instrument plays, sounds, and looks.



A guitar headstock is a piece of wood that attaches to the end of the neck and holds tuning keys or machine heads. It’s also known as a peghead, due to its resemblance to an animal’s skull. Headstocks are typically made from hardwood such as maple, although other woods such as rosewood, mahogany, and ebony are used on more expensive guitars.

Fretboard And Frets


A guitar fretboard is a piece of wood that runs along the length of the neck. It typically has frets attached, which are used to change the pitch or tone when playing notes on it. The vertical lines running from left to right across the board represent individual strings, with each string having a different note name assigned to it based on its position on the board.

Guitar frets are the metal bars placed on the neck of a guitar. They provide a distinct note for each string, which is what makes it possible to play chords and melodies. Fret placement varies depending on whether you are playing an electric or acoustic guitar, but they all serve the same purpose: to identify different notes in relation to your hand position along the neck of your instrument.


guitar strings

You may be asking yourself, what are guitar strings? Good question. The short answer is that they are the metal wire you put on your electric or acoustic guitar to make it play music.

Tuning pegs

tuning pegs

Guitar tuning pegs are an essential element in the process of changing the pitch on a guitar. This can be done by tightening or loosening the strings using these pegs.


guitar body

A guitar body is the main part of a guitar that you hold against your chest. It’s also known as the “hollow” or the “sound box”. On electric guitars, it’s usually made from wood and has metal hardware on it like screws to connect parts together.


guitar bridge

A guitar bridge is a piece of wood or metal that supports the strings on an acoustic or electric guitar. The strings are fastened at one end to a tailpiece, which in turn is fastened to the body of the instrument. This assembly allows for movement over the sound board (top) and through mechanical action will produce different pitches depending on where along its length each string is fretted.


guitar pickups

The pickup is one of the most important parts of a guitar. It’s what allows your instrument to produce sound. Without it, you’d just have a hollow body that looks and feels great, but won’t make any noise! That being said, there are many different types of pickups out there that can do all sorts of things (like adding distortion or making single notes sound like chords), so it’s important to understand how they work and which ones will best suit your needs.


guitar nut

A guitar nut is a piece of bone, wood or plastic that sits under the strings on the headstock of your guitar. It is used to secure the string at the top and bottom so it does not slip off when you tune your instrument. The tuning pegs are also attached here.


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