Auditioning For A Guitarist Spot In A Band

Auditioning For A Guitarist Spot In A Band

Anyone who loves the guitar shares dreams of performing. After years of practice, the thoughts come to mind about auditioning for a guitarist spot in a band. A popular music forum has an ad that seems to be calling you. Questions start rolling through your mind about how to prepare. Sound advice can become obsolete; however, with the basics is always a great place to start.

For as much as musicians get bored with scales, it is the best way to sharpen skills. Even pulling out theory publications like Leavitt and Abersolds may offer some exercises.

  • Practicing major and minor chords with progressions will develop versatility. Soon you will be texturing or playing progressions in major and minors.
  • Choosing songs to emulate, from guitar playing inspirations, might be a good step to take next. As you start to transcribe the music into your own, a style eventually emerges over time.
  • Listen to seasoned guitarists in different genres repeatedly.

Improvisation skills are a quality all great musicians possess. This skill set is what bandleaders want to see. Improvisation is the key element that develops a particular style. Performing before friends and family will build stage presence. It also helps to overcome stage fright. The confidence that stems from this practice will prepare you to play guitar in a band.

Finding the right band chemistry is another challenge. Talking with other artists who are auditioning for a guitarist spot in a band might give insight to what to expect. The final suggestion for the audition is to give the listener the passion you possess for your craft. Show how much you enjoy playing your instrument. A couple of dance moves will display some showmanship as you wow you audience with your sound.

Once a band is found the real work commences. Your solo act becomes a team effort. As with working with any group of people every team player has to maintain efficiency in their role. In terms of music that means:

A. Showing up for rehearsals and gigs on time
B. Learning and practicing selected repertoire or lineup
C. Be a team player until its your time to shine

Yeah it is cool to be in a band, but it comes at the price of practicing and listening to be successful. While so many want to play guitar in a band, following the hard-nosed rules will make you the real Rock star.

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